La dieta de joven madre que logró perder 68 kilos tras dar a luz


Uno de los temas que más complica a algunas mujeres es el peso. No por nada existen un sin número de dietas, tipos de alimentación, ejercicios y duros entrenamientos que te aseguran perder esos kilos de más que tanto odias.

Es lo que le pasó a Kassidy Linde, una joven de 25 años que pesaba 118 kilos durante su embarazo, pero que quiso tomar una decisión radical por su salud y para volver a ser lo que era antes de tener a su bebé.

Según señaló a Cosmopolitan, fue un año y medio el tiempo que duró todo su entrenamiento, para lograr bajar 68 kilos tras el embarazo. Pero… ¿Qué fue lo que hizo? Según reveló en su cuenta de Instagram, lo primero fue tomar mucha agua por días, unos 16 vasos. Además, sostuvo que hay que seguir los horarios de cada comida.

En cuanto a la alimentación, sostuvo que no se preocupó de las calorías que consumía y que sus alimentos preferidos eran el pollo, pavo, los vegetales, las frutas y también agregó semillas.

¡Mira su cambio!

Hey everyone! As some of you may know, there was another short story written about me and my weightloss journey ! (@delish // online and shared via FB) I am completely honored to have my story shared for millions of people to see! If you are new to my page , I would like to tell you a little bit about who I am! ———————————- My name is Kassidy and I am 25 years old. I am 5’6 , weight approximately 135 lbs and I am around 20% body fat. I started my journey on May 22, 2015 , 2 weeks after the birth of my daughter. My highest weight was 260 pounds and I am currently half of that that. How did I do it? I started meal planning and working out ! I made little goals and I accomplished them one at a time. My stretch marks DID NOT disappear . I have so much cellulite , it’s ridiculous lol. My lower tummy and inner thighs are major problem areas when it comes to extreme weightloss. But ya know, this is who I am! I don’t have a sexy little body like a lot of beautiful woman out there but I do have a strong body because I’ve worked hard for it! I’ve had a few different articles written about me in the last 6 months and I read some of the comments from people and they’re crazy! “That’s not the same person!” “Her tattoo switched arms!” “She’s young, she has a fast metabolism.” “This is all a lie.” “She lost weight for her daughter ? How about losing weight because you’re fat!?” “It was pregnancy weight, who cares.” And the list goes on, y’all. I don’t think twice about these comments. They don’t offend me at all. I know what I’ve went through to get where I am today and I’m not here to prove myself to anyone . What those comments do is discourage other readers who are there for the motivation or in need of some inspiration. Those comments convince other people that stories like this are all made up bullshit, when in fact, they aren’t. I’m a very normal and average person. I like to eat red velvet Oreos. I love beer. I’m a mom. I’m lazy sometimes and I don’t always make the best decisions . But I did accomplish something great and I am here to share it with thousands of people! And guess what? YOU CAN DO IT TOO! I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it.

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Nobody talks about the mental part of a weight loss journey. Literally picking yourself up every day and pushing through. I am not only a completely different person physically, but I am a completely different personal mentally. I lift others, I’m humbled extremely by this journey and I strive daily to live an optimistic and happy life. Going from someone who only cared about herself and partying, I have come a long way. I can honestly say that I love who I am. I struggle with so many things but because of this journey, I’m seriously a much better me. I proved to myself that I could do the impossible . I believed in myself and that’s where a lot of you who message me are struggling. You have to believe you can do it! If you don’t believe in yourself , no one else will.

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