Madre muestra la realidad que viven muchas mujeres tras dar a luz… ¿Te ha pasado?


El tema del embarazo no es para nada fácil. Sumado a los procesos de trasformación del cuerpo de la mujer y los cambios de humor, luego de dar a luz surgen otros conflictos que atormentan a algunas, como lo son las estrías y el peso.

Es lo que le ocurrió a Kenzie Brenna, quien tras dar a luz quedó con estrías en su cuerpo, pero no por eso se echó morir. De hecho, compartió un emotivo mensaje a las mujeres para que se aprenden a querer y aceptar tal como son.

“Por sobre todo, sé la HEROINA de tu propia vida, no la víctima”. Me siento BELLA hoy ¿Y saben qué? Ustedes también lo son. Amo mi sonrisa y la luz en mis ojos y mi cuerpo. También amo la forma en la que me esfuerzo para ser mejor persona, amo lo mucho que me gustan las salsas picantes y amo que sigo intentando sanarme independiente de lo difícil que es”, escribió la mujer.

Añadiendo que no tienes que amarte todos los días, pero TE PROMETO que si practicas quererte tendrás más momentos de amor contigo misma que nunca esperaste tener”.

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Here are my thoughts when I look at my least favourite part of my body. ———– “They’re not usually this noticeable.” “If you only had the money to get rid on them.” “They actually look kinda cool.” “Sorta like a the beginning of a story.” “More like the beginning of a LONG story.” “Would I erase my story to not have these?” “You’d probably be more comfortable without them.” “Would I truly though?” “Okay ask yourself the question.” “I don’t wanna.” “Just do it.” “Does this affect the quality of who I am?” “No.” “Would it make you a better person if you got rid of these marks?” “No.” “Would it make you kinder, more generous and a better lover if you had the money to erase them?” “No.” “Then you’re perfect.” “I don’t feel perfect.” “That’s cause perfect isn’t a feeling.” —— you guys get it you don’t have to be in love with yourself everyday, but I PROMISE if you practice self love you will have more loving moments with yourself than you could ever dream of. ☁️ KEEP DREAMING. KEEP LOVING. KEEP AT IT. #selflovebootcamp #loveyourself #beyourownkindofbeautiful

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“Find what you l o v e and let it k i l l you” ✨ That quote has carried me through a lot. I’ve written about that philosophy a thousand times in my journal. Can you love your hate? According to psychology you kinda can. ☑️ Our culture has fucked up our emotional exchanges so much that we can feel more comfortable in sadness and in fear, than we can in freedom, love and communicative states. Aka vulnerability, positivity and self assurance. According to this, it’s learned behaviour as well as an influence from societies over-romanticization of bitter hard work. Being comfortable leads to a dopamine flow, which leads to a neutral or positive feelings. I find this interesting because I have always hated myself in everything I do, in relationships, in work, in art, in family etc. Until this last year I just assumed that’s where I would forever live, I accepted that I had an affinity or I “loved” my disorders because I knew then so well and they gave me an IDENTITY. Who was I, Kenzie, without being fucked up? Without flirting with anger towards herself? Without an ambiguous future? Without separateness from each human? And we will do almost ANYTHING for something we truly identify with. But, turns out I was wrong. So. W r o n g. I can be do and have anything I want IN LOVE with myself. My self hate doesn’t define me. My identity doesn’t rely on it. I don’t feel incomplete without negativity anymore. It’s been a process, months of FAITH and FAITH and more FAITH that I can exist wholly without the need to destroy my sacredness. “Find what you love and let it kill you.” You can bet yourself that my life will die in love with itself. ◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️ #selflovebootcamp #selfloveishard #butworthit #selfworth #isimportanttoworkon #keepgoing #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness

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“How do you have sex if you hate yourself?” “What tips do you have for being with your partner if you have an eating disorder?” “How do you be intimate if you can’t love yourself first?” Sooooo these are a few questions I received in my last q&a, the link is in bio First question is at the 3 min mark and the second question is at the 7 min mark, but I received soooo many more questions specifically in regards to physical intimacy and self love/bdd/ed issues. I understand this this issue is; Sensitive Sacred Creates a certain shyness- So I try to be as gentle and thoughtful about this topic as possible I’m gonna do a whole video exclusive to this bc I don’t think it’s been spoken about too much (@mindsetforlifeltd has done one in her YouTube channel!!!!) If you have a specific question, DM me!! I can’t promise I’ll answer it but I will try Ok ok happy day beauties!!!! #selfiesunday bc I love myself and my hustle ✨ #selflovebootcamp #sexEDsunday (is that real? Should we? I dunno lol) #sacredspaces #loveyourself

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