El inusual método de una madre para amamantar y ejercitarse al mismo tiempo

Sólo podemos decir… ¡Seca!

No cabe duda que un tema que todas hablan es el peso luego de dar a luz. Si bien algunas quedan con su mismo cuerpo, hay otras que luchan por poder recuperar su figura sin lograr buenos resultados.

No obstante, una madre reveló a través de su cuenta de Instagram un sencillo método para amamantar y a la vez ejercitarse. Se trata de Mónica Bencomo, quien a punta de esfuerzo logró tonificar su cuerpo sin dejar de lado la maternidad.

“Sabía que pude haber dejado a mis hijos en una guardería para poder ejercitarme sola y sin interrupciones, pero ellos eran más felices de esta forma y funciona muy buen para nosotros“, indicó.

¡Mira sus videos!


Happy Monday! Please read to the end and offer your thoughts. …I’ve received lots of questions, DMs, emails and comments about fitness and breastfeeding. I’ve answered them below! 1) Yes, I’m still breastfeeding Ariel. She’s 18 months. She feeds several times through day and night. 2) My diet is high protein with whole grains and healthy fats. Oatmeal, avocado, and lots of water is great for milk supply. 3) I believe in baby-led weaning. So, I’m not in a rush to wean her since she’s still so interested in breastfeeding. 4) We co-sleep so nighttime feedings are convenient. 5) She only bites when I let her fall asleep on the boob at night. Other than that, she knows to keep those teeth to herself! Overall, I hope to inspire moms to do what feels best for THEM and their family #nojudgement. I work from home, so it isn’t an inconvenience for me to continue our breastfeeding journey. As a fitness coach, I’ve felt pressure to wean before WE were ready to shred down (breastfeeding causes your body to hold on to fat). But my journey in motherhood is more important to me than being lean. Our kids grow fast, and I hope I can help inspire moms to not allow society or the media to pressure them to sacrifice their ideals to fit in to speed up their “snapback”. Let me know if you have any other questions I missed! Xoxo, Monica #momswearheels#fitmomsbreastfeedtoo#fitmom #fitmoms #breastfeeding#momof2#attachmentparenting#momblogger

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