Mujer sorprende a todos al revelar que bajó 60 kilos tras consumir esto antes de las comidas

¡Se pasó!

No ha dejado indiferente a nadie. Y es que Mathilde Broberg se tomó las redes sociales tras compartir su inusual secreto para lograr bajar cerca de 60 kilos en poco tiempo.

Y es que la mujer toda su vida sufrió producto de la obesidad, llegando a pesar 126 kilos. Sin embargo, quiso darle un giro radical a su vida e ingresó a un gimnasio y adoptó una alimentación saludable.

Pero lo que verdaderamente la ayudó -según ella-, fue que todos los días “engañaba a su cerebro” antes de comenzar cada comida…. ¿Cómo? Broberg sostiene que antes de alimentarse, consumía una cucharada de café, sintiéndose más saciada.

Hoy la joven luce más delgada y se convirtió en entrenadora y modelo deportiva… ¿Qué tal?

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6 years and 58 kilograms between these two photos, read the caption _ This is a result of a lifestyle change, not a diet! Don’t waste time on diets – you can’t live by a certain diet your entire life! Especially when it’s some weird juice diets, no-carb diets and stuff that execute certain things – All you have to do is eat less, one portion pr. meal, healthy AND balanced 😊 Ofc you can have some unhealthy stuff but in moderate and normal sizes (a small handful is a good way to measure it) ❤️ Become more active; walk around, go hiking, go shopping, dance around at home, play Just Dance etc – Be creative, but don’t be lazy ☝🏼️ I’m actually a REALLY lazy person by nature, so that is no excuse.. Get up and do stuff! I’ll suggest you count your calories and weigh your food in the beginning until you have it in your mind – reach around 1500-1700kcal each day with focus on the protein – eat A LOT of green veggies and drink water when you feel hungry ☺️ In the beginning you will feel hunger all the time, but that’s normal! Your stomach is used to consume much more food, it will shrink after a few weeks and your body is adapting your new lifestyle ❤️ _ #weightlosstransformation

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New year, new start? _ Let 2017 be the year where you make this kinda transformation because it is possible. Quite whining and start kick some ass. First step is to cut down the size of your portions, eat less (1 small portion pr meal) and eat HEALTHY! If you don’t know what healthy food is you can contact me and I can give you a meal plan for a small amount / cost. Next step is to become active! Be as active as possible throughout the day and don’t just sit still. I remembered that I played a lot of Just Dance and picked the hardest songs to really sweat it out. It must have done something! But the most important step is the food you eat ❤️ _ #newyear #transformation

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